Services We Provide

Respite services were developed as a way to help people with disabilities live in a community, or home-based setting.

Respite provides a temporary break from caregiving responsibilities for parents or guardians caring for a child or adult with a disability who lives in their home. Individual Respite is a one-on-one service for the individual receiving care. Group Respite may consist of one direct care provider supervising up to three individuals.

Ways that Respite can be used:

  • for an “extra pair of hands” to assist parents while they do activities that would otherwise be very difficult
  • to provide time for parents to spend time together or with their other children
  • to provide social opportunities for the individual receiving care, by providing them with the support needed to participate in activities that would otherwise be very difficult
  • to provide a special friend to do activities with other than mom or dad!

What could Respite look like for me?

Respite services are consumer-driven and are incredibly diverse. Respite could take place in the consumer’s home, in the community, or in a provider’s home. It could be used for short periods of time (to go a movie on a weekend), or for longer periods of time (overnights or extended stays).