We Believe . . .

  • Individuals receiving care deserve excellent services by well-qualified, friendly, supportive staff that understand their specific needs and goals.
  • Individuals receiving care deserve staff that are well-trained in the specific needs of the individual as well as what this industry considers best practices related to the individuals’ needs, disability, etc.
  • Services should be directed by the individual receiving care (or their parent or guardian as appropriate), including where the service occurs (in-home, out-of-home, etc.), when it occurs, how often it occurs, and who provides the direct service.
  • The connection between direct care staff and the individual receiving care is critical in the provision of excellent services. Our staff are matched with individuals based on factors other than just times they are available, including specific experiences, specific skills, education, personal interests and personality.
  • Individuals receiving care and their parent or guardian deserve a streamlined, efficient process for receiving services.
  • Employees deserve a streamlined, efficient method of documentation.
  • Employees deserve to be well compensated for their expertise. Special consideration is given to life experience, as well as paid and volunteer experience.
  • Employees are chosen in part on their love for working with children or adults, with disabilities or without. We believe employees can be taught the specifics of a person’s disability or how to teach a specific skill. We look for individuals that have a true sense of compassion and a genuine desire to provide excellent care to others.

Our mission and value statements are what drives the policies, procedures, and decisions made at Respite Connection.