**Respite and Supported Community Living notes contain confidential information and are therefore not available on our website.

Current Employee Bonus Flyer 2022

New Employee Bonus Flyer 2022

2022 Due Dates and Paydates
List of due dates for notes and the pay dates for 2022

2022 Federal Tax Form
If you need to change the amount being withheld from each paycheck for Federal taxes 

2022 Iowa Tax Form
If you need to change the amount being withheld from each paycheck for State taxes

Background Check Consent Form
Must be completed at the employee’s annual review. If an employee provides Respite in their own home, we must complete a background check on any other individuals living in the home, over the age of 18.

Consumer Information Update Form
Changes to individual’s information

Change of Personal Information
Name, address, phone number and email changes

Direct Deposit Form
Notify us of any changes to your bank account information. Your signature is required on this form.

Incident Report
Complete when an incident occurs during a shift

Medication Authorization Form –  Excel | PDF
Track medications administered & submit with corresponding Respite or SCL notes

Timecard – 1st-15th | 16th-31st
PDF version of the timecards here

Tracking Tool – Sample
Track hours used so you don’t exceed the approved amount

Tracking Tool – Yearly
Track hours approved on an annual basis (ID Respite only)

Tracking Tool – Monthly
Track hours approved on a monthly basis (SCL for all Waivers, BI & HD (IH) Respite)

Training/Meeting Note
Complete for each training completed or if attending a REQUIRED meeting in order to be paid

How To Access Pay Stubs/W2s-Instructions on how to access your pay stub or W2