How do I apply?

  • Apply HERE!
  • If you are applying to work with someone specific, please put their name(s) on that section so we can match your application with families’ requests for services.

What is involved in the hiring process?

Once we receive your application we will contact you to set up an interview. If you are applying to work with a family member or friend we may waive the interview. Next, we will run the required background checks and check two references.  When we have completed the background checks and references, you’re ready to be hired!  We will call to set up a time to meet with you to complete hiring paperwork.

How much will I be paid? When do I get paid?

  • ***See our current bonuses – which can be an ADDITIONAL $10 per hour!!
  • All employees are paid $9.50 for Individual Respite hours (one staff to one consumer). Any time spent completing required training is also paid at $9.50/hour. Any meetings you are required to attend are paid at $9.50/hour (including your family introduction meeting and employee annual review meeting).
  • Employees who provide Supported Community Living Services (SCL) are paid $11.50 – 13.50 per hour depending on relevant education and experience.
  • All Respite staff are paid $7.50/hour for Group Respite hours, per consumer. There is a maximum of 3 consumers at once, per employee ($22.50/hour).
  • We pay every hour you work, regardless of what time of day it is. You will be paid the same pay rate for every hour. It does not decrease in the overnight hours.
  • Employees are paid twice per month.  Documentation of shifts must be turned in to our office by the due date in order to be paid on time.  Due dates are as follows:
    • Hours worked the 1st through the 15th are due in our office by the 19th and are paid on the 27th.
    • Hours worked from the 16th through 30th/31st are due in our office on the 4th and are paid on the 12th.
  • All staff are employees of The Respite Connection and are paid by Respite Connection.
  • Respite Connection pays all payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance for all employees, as required by law.
  • ALL employees are required to use direct deposit. The money WILL be in your account on payday, as long as we have your documentation on time and it meets Medicaid guidelines. Pay stubs are available online on payday.
  • Direct care staff are eligible for 401k after working one year and completing 1000 hours in a year!  We match up to 4%!

Do you reimburse mileage and activity expenses?

We can not reimburse employees for mileage or expenses related to respite care, per HCBS rules.Talk to your accountant about the possibility of deducting expenses (such as mileage and activity or food expenses) under “unreimbursed employee expenses” for your taxes. They will advise you on any tax issues.

Can I work for more than one agency?

Employees can work for multiple agencies.

Where can services be provided?

Services can be provided in the consumer’s home, the provider’s home (after home safety inspection), and in the community. The parent should determine what type of respite is most beneficial to them, and we will try to accommodate that. Parents do not need to leave the home while respite is provided. They just need to not be caring for their child who is receiving respite, so they can be napping, gardening, etc. – whatever they choose!

How do I document the shifts and hours that I work?

  • For every shift, there is a Respite or Supported Community Living (SCL) note for staff to complete. When the parent resumes care (shift is over), he/she signs the form verifying start/end times etc. We will send you copies of the Respite and/or SCL notes individualized for each individual.
  • Twice per month a simple time card with total hours per day, per consumer is completed and turned in with the Respite or SCL notes from that time period. A sample timecard is on our website. (Respite or SCL notes are not on our website – they are individualized and have confidential information on them).

Do I need to track the amount of hours I work with each consumer?

Yes. We use a “Tracking Tool” for tracking hours, especially if there is more than one provider for a consumer. It’s a tool to help parents and staff track hours, and is not turned in to us. We must stay within approved hours and encourage both parents AND staff to track them to ensure they can be paid to staff.  We will let you know in writing how many hours each consumer you work with is approved for.