Why Respite Connection?

In our efforts to support our families, we offer a Sibling Support Group!

What is the sibling support group?

A group geared towards school aged children that have a sibling with special needs. During each session the participants are provided with support from both their leaders and peers. Each group session includes activities that focus on sharing of their experiences, active play and hands on therapeutic games and crafts. Our group acknowledges that having a brother or sister with special needs is a unique experience for each child and one that involves many different emotions. The focus of the group is that they are not alone in these feelings and experiences.

Who facilitates the Sibling support group?

Respite Connection sponsors the group, which was founded by and is facilitated by Katie Farber, MS and Ann Spaine, LMHC. Katie is a licensed school counselor and Ann is a mental health counselor, and both have years of experience in working with children.

When is it?

The group takes place every other month on a Saturday. Parents can drop their children off by 10am, pick-up time is at noon. Snacks are provided!

Upcoming Dates for 2017:

  • Saturday, January 21st
  • Saturday, March 25th
  • Saturday, May 20th
  • Saturday, September 16th
  • Saturday, November 18th

Who can come?

Any sibling of a child with special needs who is age 6 and older.

What can my sibling expect?

A fun celebration of all that they offer their family by being such a great sibling!

  • A chance to meet other children who are siblings and talk about the things they have in common.
  • A chance to make new friends!
  • Activities, crafts, and games with time for open discussion with peers and facilitators.